Winter Outdoor Activities At Parrie Haynes Ranch

Outdoor activities are essential for the overall well-being of kids as well as the elders. Be it summer or winter, they provide with a good amount of physical exercise and fresh air. Kids get to take a break from technology and boost their imagination by heading out to play. While most parents prefer to keep their children indoors in winters, there are a number of health benefits of stepping out of the house. The fresh air helps to boost the immune system and exercise improves blood circulation as well as elevates the mood.

If you are looking for a rewarding weekend away from the bustling city life, you can find the perfect retreat at Parrie Haynes Ranch. Located along the Lampasas River, Killeen, TX, it is ideal for family outings, group visits and corporate events. We also offer accommodation facilities for night stays, exotic food and state-of-the-art dining halls. You can soak up the sun and spend a memorable evening sitting around the bon fire.

The kids also get to learn a thing or two about the life at a ranch and it helps to bring them closer to nature. The staff present there will supervise and train them for various adventure sports. They ensure safety of all the visitors and also join you in building some life long memories. So bundle up and visit the Parrie Haynes Ranch this winter season to indulge into the exciting activities listed below:

Hiking: Give your body a boost of vitamin D and brighten up your mood by hiking into the beautiful trails with your family or friends. Enjoy the breathtaking view of the winter hues, tranquil lakes and experience the freshness around trees as well as birds. It is not only a great cardio exercise but also offers a much needed escape from the laziness of winters.

Head into the rocky terrains to warm up your body and burn some calories in the chilly weather.

Biking: Experience the fun of biking in the winter season by heading out to the exciting trails. Fitness lovers and children who love to ride a bike can enjoy the beauty of nature in the ranch along with benefitting from a variety of health benefits. Take your whole group or go in solitude to enjoy the peace in the lap of nature. Go early morning to view the mesmerizing sunrise or enjoy the calmness of the sunset. Pack up your camera, water bottle and biking gear to go for an enriching experience in the freshness of nature.

Challenge Ropes: They are great for physical as well as mental development along with elements of fun and adventure. The challenge ropes are customized to ensure growth of individuals as well as teams. Designed specifically for children, it is a fun outdoor activity based on learning with experience. The kids get to test their strength, build confidence and learn new moves to challenge their fellows. It is, thus, a great opportunity to teach the kids team spirit, overcome fears and encourage cooperation.

Sporting Clay Shoot: Enjoy your weekends this winter at the unique and safe sporting clay stations. Bring your family and friends to play in groups or couples, or solo if you like. They offer a natural trail to carry out the shootings and our varieties of targets ranging from ducks to rabbits in various sizes are sure to make it a thrilling experience. Whether skilled or experienced, sporting clay shoot is suitable for all. It is easy to learn and lends a unique experience at every station to make it a perfect getaway. Girls and boys can come up with groups called squads and show off their shooting skills. A professionally trained staff is always there to assist you at every step to maximize your fun as well as safety.  

Parrie Haynes Ranch, TX organizes an array of outdoor activities specifically designed for you to have an unforgettable adventure in winters. The ranch offers a number of fun things to do that not only give you an intimate experience with nature, but also leave you saturated with a bunch of good memories and experiences.