Reasons To Visit A Ranch In Killeen

Planning a vacation for the summer? A ranch may be what you are looking for. Visiting a ranch can be one of those experiences you have always dreamt of having with your family, particularly with your kids. The ranch offers tailor-made activities for people of all ages, hence making it a preferred getaway for couples as well as families. 

For people who want to experience a country life, a ranch is the place to visit. It can give you a firsthand experience of the country life, horse riding, clay shooting and various activities of a farm. You can have fun and side by side make your kids learn about the day to day activities carried out there. Thus, visiting a ranch qualifies for the best vacation option as every member of your family can have their own little vacation in one place, all thanks to the variety of options offered by the ranch. Take your family and go aboard with the following fun activities:

Horse Riding

You can learn to ride the horses at a ranch. There is a horse for every size and we also offer complete training to beginners. You can also choose the same horse every day and at every visit to the ranch. Kids can thus learn proper horse handling and riding.

Trail Rides

At the ranch, you can start your day with a nature packed biking along the trails. Each trail provides you with a fresh experience so you can pamper yourself with nature’s splash of greenery and freshness. The views throw a great contrast to the city life and take you to the raw and untouched life of the farms. Couples can spend a quality time with each other into the peaceful spots of the trails.

Sporting Clay Shoot

This modern day sport is just the thing for adventure lovers. The ranch organizes this activity under supervision of well-trained instructors, thus you are guided at every step right from handling shotguns to shooting the target. The players are also provided with safety gear.


A family camp is as fun as it sounds. Fathers can have their much loved ‘teaching moment’ with the kids, helping them set up the tent. You can have a ‘starry night family time’ while singing songs, sharing stories and having a bonding moment while roasting the marshmallows.


For those willing to burn the calories from last night’s exotic dinner, hiking is the ideal option. Take a walk through the nature’s bliss and beauty, fill yourself with the fresh air and never get bored.


Another fun option to explore the rocks and the hills is to go on a bike tour. We offer suggested rides for more enjoyment, ranging from easy to challenging tracks. Be it solo or group biking, it assures you with a fun-packed experience.


This is another popular and adventurous activity organized at a ranch. You can explore the lake in the afternoons and feel the calmness of the water. Helmets and life-vests are provided for the safety of all participants. 


Apart from canoeing, another way to beat the heat is kayaking. You can enjoy the tranquility of the water, feel the cool breeze and treat your eyes with the native wildlife. You can see horses and bald eagles while floating down the river. The kayaks are fairly stable and can get you slightly wet to add to the fun.

Bird Watching

A wide range of local and migratory birds are a sight to see at a ranch. You can stay in the blinds and have an intimate look at the wide species of birds. For photography lovers, it is a blessing to visit a ranch. You can have all the time and patience until you click the perfect shot.

The Cookouts

The food served at a ranch qualifies to be everyone’s favorite. Both kids and the elders can enjoy the perfect farm fresh fruits, scrambled eggs and bacon for breakfast. Lunch and dinner proves to be equally exotic coupled with mouth watering desserts. You can also have your own cookout, barbecue dinners with the kids.

A ranch offers you a fun and a warm vacation option. You can experience true relaxation among the chirping of the birds, peaceful sunsets, starry nights and have some quite good naps throughout the day. 

We, at Parrie Haynes Ranch, are renowned for organizing a wide range of fun-filled activities for adventure lovers in Killeen. For more information, call at (254) 245 – 9045 or visit the ranch at 2419 Gann Branch Road, Killeen, TX 76549.