Kayaking Tips And Tricks - Parrie Haynes Ranch

Kayaking is a fun sport to enjoy with family and friends. Parrie Haynes Ranch in Killeen, TX, gives you a chance to go for kayaking in the lap of nature and cherish its beauty. Once you have decided to step inside a kayak to sail it through the water, knowing some tips and tricks will help you perform better, enjoy the sport as well as remain safe.

Know The Correct Kayak Paddling Technique

Sticking to your pedal and pulling the kayak in water seems like an easy technique, but there are things that need to be kept in mind before you go for kayaking

  • Don’t lean against the backrest, keep your posture straight so that the body can efficiently work. Relax your shoulders and keep the abdomen straight for easy breathing.
  • Try to move your upper body and keep the arms absolutely straight.
  • Keep your legs together so that the upper body can easily move
  • Begin by moving your upper body to one side and pedal on the other one. Move the pedal against water keeping the lower arm straight. Now move your upper body to another side and repeat the process with other hand.
  • Try maintaining a constant flow while paddling and focus on every stroke that you make.
Practice The Fundamentals

Practicing before directly going into moving waters is a must. Firstly, you will have to work upon all kinds of strokes and practice them in calm water. If your boat moves efficiently and you feel confident about your strokes, you can take the canoe into open water.

Hold The Pedal Correctly

Hold the pedal with both hands and be sure that its inwardly curved part faces you. On dipping the pedal into water, the incurve part of the pedal blade should easily sweep. You must also make sure that your knuckles are in line with the blade.  

Dress Appropriately

Dress up according to the climate of your area.
  • Hot weather - In hot climatic conditions, you will need to stay hydrated and protected from the sun. For this, you should wear full sleeves shirt, surf shorts, hat and sunglasses. Applying sunscreen before entering the water will protect you from direct sun.
  • Cold weather – When the temperature is low, you need the clothes that will keep you warm. Synthetic fabric like fleece and polypropylene can be a good option. To keep yourself safe from the chilling winds you must wear waterproof nylon jackets.
Dry suits offer ultimate protection against the cold and if you are using a “sit-inside kayak”, wearing a spray skirt will also be a good option.

Choose The Right Boat

Different types of boats are available for kayaking, ranging from long narrow racing boats to tiny squat freestyle boats. If you are a beginner, make sure to choose a boat like “sit on top” that allows easy paddling, or a flatwater boat for kayaking on a lake.

Do Not Forget Buoyancy Aids

Whether you are a beginner or a professional kayaker, you never know when you might get troubled in water therefore, wearing buoyancy aids is important.

Use Signal Whistles

If there is some sort of emergency and you want to convey something to your fellow kayakers or instructors, blowing a whistle can help to catch their attention. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you take a whistle with you before going for kayaking.

Bring An Extra Pair Of Clothes

You might not necessarily get wet during kayaking but it is always a good habit to carry an extra pair of clothes.

Know The Rescue Techniques

You should know how to help yourself and others during an emergency situation. Remember basic ground to air signals. It is always better to jot them down and keep it with you. Complete the basic capsize drill before kayaking and always stay with your boat if it gets overturned.

Avoid Going Alone

It is always a good idea to go with a team, no matter how much experience you have. You may get panicked in case of an emergency and your fellow kayakers can be you your support.

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