Kayaking Tips And Tricks

One of the best ways to escape the summer heat is to indulge in kayaking and enjoy nature at its peak. It is a great adventure activity for adults and children alike. Visit a ranch in Killeen to enjoy kayaking and have fun with family and friends. Beginners can get their hands on a kayak by going through a small orientation course at the ranch itself. Whenever you start kayaking, it is best to commence on calm waters to gain complete confidence. Keep the strokes short and close to the kayak so as to avoid zigzagging or turning. 

Below is a list of some useful kayaking tips and tricks:

  • Dress appropriately: It is imperative to wear clothes according to the temperature of the water in which you are going kayaking. Wear clothes that dry quickly and ensure that you carry other essential accessories such as sunglasses, hat as well as sunscreen. Water shoes or strong strap-on sandals should be worn because they will not get off your feet while kayaking.
  • Buy signal whistles: While preparing your kayaking gear, do not forget to buy several whistles for yourself. These whistles can prove to be handy in case of an emergency or if you want to convey something when you have gone far away in the water. You can simply blow the whistle to catch the attention of fellow kayakers or instructors at the ranch.
  • Choose an appropriate boat: Kayaks come in a variety of sizes and can accommodate one, two or three persons; depending on their capacity. Choose the boat that can accommodate all your team members. Selecting an appropriate boat is essential so that you can paddle easily and check out the beautiful surrounding locations without any difficulty.
  • Carry a cheat sheet for emergency signals: You need to memorize which ground-to-air signal sends what message to the instructors. It is best to write down all the signals and their meanings on a piece of gear that you will always carry along while kayaking.
  • Be aware about how to save yourself and fellow kayakers: You must be prepared for any unforeseen situation and always keep safety gear handy while kayaking. Most of the ranches in Killeen provide all the safety equipment such as life vests, pumps and inflatable paddle boats etc. to the kayakers.

If you are looking to go kayaking in Killeen, TX, visit Parrie Haynes Ranch. We provide complete training for novice kayakers and ensure safety while you are in the water. For more information about kayaking and other outdoor events organized at the ranch, call at (254) 245 – 9045 or visit 2419 Gann Branch Road, Killeen, TX 76549.