Events Organized At Parrie Haynes Ranch

n today’s technology driven and fast paced life, people do not have much time to spend in the natural environment. Participating in outdoor adventure activities is one way in which we can not only improve our physical health, but also take a break from our everyday routine and have life changing experiences.

Parrie Haynes Ranch offers a wide range of fun and recreational activities for people of all age groups. Spread in an extensive area of 

more than 500 acres, the ranch in Killeen, TX, can accommodate groups of up to 160 people. The events organized at the ranch are aimed at providing a safe and positive learning environment to the members, allowing them to know about the health benefits associated of outdoor activities.

Some of the events organized at Parrie Haynes Ranch are:

  • Sporting Clay Shoot: Whether you are an excellent shooter or have never held a shotgun, sporting clay shoot is one such game that can enjoyed by everyone. It helps to build physical stamina as well as increase hand-eye co-ordination and motor skills. As clay shooting requires aiming at the target, the sport enhances concentration and cognitive skills.
  • Camping: Going on a camping trip also offers a lot of physical and psychological benefits. Being exposed to the beauty of the nature and getting a chance to interact with people promotes social, mental as well as emotional development of the children. They are made to do all their routine tasks on their own, or in collaboration with other camp members, which instills confidence and self-dependence among them.
  • Hiking: Outdoor hiking is a great activity to keep your mind and body healthy. Walking in beautiful natural environment and serene surroundings helps to relieves stress. It triggers the release of endorphins in the body that make the hiker feel refreshed and relaxed. Hiking is an excellent physical workout that helps to lose weight and also improve bone strength.
  • Canoeing And Kayaking: If you are a water sports lover, you can also take part in the canoeing and kayaking events at the ranch in Killeen. Paddling and rowing allow for a full body workout, toning your abdominal, arm, shoulder as well as leg muscles. These activities also promote cardiovascular health and improve joint mobility.

For details about the events organized at Parrie Haynes Ranch in Killeen, TX, visit 13816 North Maxdale Road, Killeen, TX 76549 or call at (254) 245 – 9045.