Clay Shoot In Central Texas: Tips For Beginners

Clay shoot is one of the most favorite recreational sports for people of all age groups. No matter you play it alone or with a group, you can always have a great time hitting the targets. However, if you are new to the game, you may find it difficult to master the technique and fire the right shots. Regular practice and getting tips from a veteran can help you improve your clay shooting skills.

If you are new to playing sporting clay shoot, here are a few tips that will help you get started:

Ensure Safety First

Wearing the right protective gear is critical while playing sporting clay shoot. Use the appropriate equipment to cover your eyes and ears. Handle the guns carefully, even if they are not loaded. Make sure you keep your gun unloaded till you are not fully prepared to shoot. Keep the muzzle down and do not point your gun to anything except the target. You can consider undergoing various practice sessions before the game to get familiar with the technique and increase your chances of hitting the target.

Determine Your Dominant Eye

A common mistake most shooters make is thinking that if they are right handed, they have the same dominant eye. However, this is not always the case. A lot of people who are right handed shoot with the other hand if their dominant eye is left. In order to check your dominant eye, stand straight, choose an object on the other side of the room and point your finger towards it. Now close your left eye and see if the object is still at the end of your finger. If yes, you are right eye dominant. If you have a dominant left eye, the object would seem to have moved away from the finger.

Find The Ideal Gun Fit

To maximize your chances of hitting the bulls eye, you must ensure that you have a suitable gun fit. In order to check if you have the correct one, set a target at a distance of approximately 16 yards. Mount your gun and shoot the target. If the gun shot is off center, you may need to get it fitted.

Mount The Gun Properly

Apart from the right gun fit, you must also spend some time mounting your gun to the shoulder. Place the unloaded gun tightly into the groove of your shoulder joint so that you do not get hurt when you fire. Your hand should be placed as far as possible on the barrel, while retaining flexibility and maintaining stability. During practice sessions, it is recommended that you use low recoil loads to save your shoulder from sudden shock.  

Use The Correct Stance

Keeping your body in the right position will help you stand straight and maintain accuracy while firing the shot. Your front leg should be slightly bent and majority of your body weight should be leaning forward on it. The back leg should be kept straight and take a slight bend at the waist. Having a proper stance will allow your body to absorb the gun’s recoil without being pushed backwards and keep you prepared for the subsequent clay release.

Focus On The Target

Though this may seem obvious, you must train yourself to concentrate on the target instead of the gun or barrel. If you have simultaneous shots, make sure you choose the target ahead of time. Typically, you should go for a target that is lower or behind. This will give sufficient time to recoil the gun for the next target. Keep your dominant eye steady on the target and follow with the barrel to stay consistent in your gun shots.

There are ranches in Central Texas where you can participate in clay shoot. They have skilled instructors who provide complete training to the players prior to the game session. They even provide eye glasses, head gear and other protective equipment to ensure your safety during the sport.

We, at Parrie Haynes Ranch, organize clay shoot events for the people of Central Texas. Our instructors will provide complete training on proper usage of gun and the right technique to hit the target. For more information about the activities organized at the ranch, you can call us at (254) 245 - 9045 or visit the ranch at 2419 Gann Branch Road, Killeen, TX 76549.